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The Frost


Team Lead and Head Game Designer


My role as Team Leader whilst working on 'The Frost' meant that I had to manage the team throughout the whole of the game's development, for which our aim was to create a working prototype of a AAA style game as part of my final year Degree Project. Collaboration was kept on course through the use of regular Sprint meetings and version control software, GitHub.

As Head Designer, I was also tasked with allocating job responsibilities to my fellow designers whilst focusing on the level and game world creation. My main responsibility for the 'The Frost' was to create a white-box version of the game world, for art, playtesting and scalability purposes whilst overseeing and maintaining the creation the game design document.

During 'The Frost' development, I was tasked with creating an enemy AI system that incorporated random waypoint pathfinding when undisturbed by the player, as well as player detection and player following if disturbed. 

Game Link:

In-Game View

White-Box Level Design

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