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Into The Arctic


Game Designer, Developer & Programmer


'Into The Arctic' is my most recent game development, produced as the final project for my Games Design and Futures Degree. I have conceptualised, designed and developed the game independently, having to take on tasks such as creating and coding health and hunger systems, as well as perpetual frost systems due to the environment of the game.

'Into The Arctic' is based in a similar reality to our own and therefore uses true-to-life mechanics and combat systems. Stranded on a frozen island, with very little knowledge of of the job or surroundings, the player is left to fend for themselves and survive the secretive, frozen tundra, learning more and more about the dangers that lie ahead within a rich, imaginative storyline. However, due to fluctuations in the earth's temporal atmosphere, not all is as to be expected. 

During the development of this project, I also created cut-scenes within the Unity Software whilst showcasing my abilities for level design, world creation and population, human survival systems and scene management. I used design processes such as using Trello and Miro boards as well as version control software such as Plastic SCM to keep the project on track.



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