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Welcome to my portfolio! I am Nino Barbato, a games designer with a passion for creating immersive gaming experiences that engage players and leave them wanting more. With a Games Design & Development Degree and 2 years of focused learning in the industry, I have acquired a diverse set of skills that allow me to bring unique and exciting concepts to life. I specialize in level design and am always looking for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming.

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My Latest Work

Into the Arctic | PC | 2023 - near future



Survival  RPG


Team Leader & Head Game Designer

Welcome to my Survival RPG game, 'The Frost'. In this game, you'll explore a dangerous, war torn city located on the border of Finland. Vyborg Island, a military asset, heavily desired by Mother Russia.

 As the game's Lead Developer and Head Designer, I focused on crafting a true-to-life, immersive depiction of the Vyborg Island and neighbouring Castle Island that players will love to explore, fight and survive in. With battle-scarred environments, vicious enemy AI, and challenging co-op play, 'The Frost' and its secrets are sure to attract Survival RPG fans!


Medieval Side Scroller

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Lead Designer

Get ready to side scroll back in time in 'Unto The Castle'! As the game's Lead designer, I focused on creating a unique and vibrant side scrolling story filled with pixelated medieval scenery. 'Unto The Castle' is designed to challenge players as they navigate through creative and exciting rooms, venturing deeper into the cursed Castle, filled with obstacles and enemies. With intuitive controls, colourful visuals, and exciting gameplay, 'Unto The Castle' brings a twist of magic to a game that players of all ages will enjoy!


Story Driven RPG

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Lead Designer in a team of 3

In 'Call Of Brookus', the fate of humanity is in your hands! As the game's Lead designer, I worked hard to create an exciting and challenging RPG that puts players in the middle of a disastrous catastrophe between humanity and an unstoppable infection. Based in the dark ages, you must traverse and fight your way across a once beloved landscape, alongside an unexpected and crafty companion, towards past experiences you wanted left behind. With intense combat, thrilling set pieces, and a gripping story, 'Call Of Brookus' is a must-play for story driven RPG fans!

White Box Worldbuilding

Throughout various projects, I took on the responsibility of white-boxing. A design technique used to quickly and effectively view and test out a prototype model of a games environment or map features. For my white-boxing, I used Unity's integrated software, ProBuilder. 

Within the images to the right, are examples of the white-boxing I created for the game 'The Frost', in which an island, based off of Vyborg Island in Finland needed to be recreated within Unity's game engine. The scale of the buildings and the environment had to be true-to-life so that the player would feel as though they were walking around the real island. 

Once complete, the white-boxing was able to be used by the Art team. With a sense of scale, shape and location for each building, a map of the island below was constructed, with my original white-boxed house remaining and a new and improved Castle Spire added.

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